Polycarbonate Greenhouse  

The main structure is built by hot galvanized steel pipe, venlo shape
Anti-rust for 15~20 years

2.Covering Material:

Double or triple hollowpolycarbonate sheet : this kind of cover material are with light weight, anti-fragile and good heat perservation properties.


Span Width: 8m or 9.6m
Span Numbers: Optional
Length: 4m*Optional
Wall Height: Optional
Top Height: Optional

4.Technical Parameters

Wind Load: 0.6KN/m2
Snow Load: 0.5KN/m2
Suspended Load: 0.2KN/m2
Max. Rainwater Running Capacity: 140mm/h


Nice exterior and stable structure
The structure is covered by polycarbonate sheet, which is featured for excellent warm keeping effect 
Large area of greenhouse lighting, indoor light uniform, high utilization rate

Side or roof ventilation system, Cooling system, irrigation system, shade system, heating system are optional