Economical Tunnel Greenhouse  


Specification Data
Tunnel Width 6m ~10m
Length Any length, for you option
Section 1m, 1.5m,2.0m, for you option
Wall Height 1.8m ( it can be adjustable)
Roof Height 3.5m ( it can be adjustable)
Arch Size 25mm/32mm/38mm/42mm/48mm/60mm

Side ventilation system
Cooling system
Shading System
Irrigation System


1. Economical, Low cost, Easy Frame! Easy Assembly & Move!

2. No foundation and welding are required

3. Good for vegetable, tree, mushroom and poultry. Especially for large scale production!

4. All structure by hot galvanized steel pipe, Anti-rust for 10-15 years

5. Covered by 3-ply (PE+EVA Material) poly film (plastic film), Anti-UV, Anti-Drip
    130micron/150micron/180micron/200 micron thickness for your choice

6. All connects kits offered. No welding required.